Britain’s Next Top Model Premier

What an amazing way to start my blog…talking about the BNTM premier of course!


I’m on the train to London and I’m BEYOND excited!! I’ve been waiting for this day since August when I received a telephone call while working at Linekers Bar Ayia Napa, telling me that I had beaten thousands of other girls and was going to be one of the final 12 in Britain’s Next Top Model. The reality suddenly hit me. In 11 hours I will be on the telly for the nation to see. I start to think back over the  filming… What stupid stuff did I say? What have the other girls said? What if everyone hates me? What do the judges think? Oh dear…. I start to feel a bit worried, I give Abby Heaton a call to calm my nerves and see how far away from London she is. (I find myself talking extra loud so everyone on the train can hear that I’m on BNTM. That’s really bad isn’t it, but I don’t care this is once in a lifetime!) I’m now super excited again. This is going to be a day I’ll never forget.


I’m at London Liverpool Street station and have just met Bianca Thomas and Anita (the researcher on the show). We all have a lovely gossip and catchup in the taxi on the way to the hotel. It’s great to talk to Bianca, she is always so layed back and cool which makes me realise I must stop overthinking. If I keep feeling so nervous it’s going to ruin my day!


This is easily the poshest hotel I’ve ever been to in my life We’ve been spoilt rotten once again by LifetimeTelly and I’m feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. We go to the suite where we will be based for the day. Talulah-Eve is already there and she looks dazzlingly! She’s just done an interview on the TV show ‘Lorraine’ (Yes, I’m super jealous but how amazing is that for her!). The other girls start arriving and it’s incredible to be reunited. I haven’t seen most of them since November which is crazy but we’re all chatting away and catching up like we’ve never been apart. We have a meeting with the producers and Lifetime TV about the plans for the day. It’s going to be non stop, but I’m so excited, I just want to get started.



We meet the 12 lovely girls who won the Lifetime competition to find out what it was like to be a BNTM contestant, they will be spending the day doing ‘go sees’ and challenges. We each had a fan who’s task was to get the most attention for our individual hashtags (#teameleanor). My ‘fan’ (it feels so weird saying that!!) was super sweet and said she was having a great day and was really excited to meet me. (It really does feel strange when someone says that!) We took lots of photos together and then she was rushed off to her next challenge, which was for one of my favourite makeup brands Sleek.

Hair and Makeup time! I love getting glammed up and the theme today was urban, edgy and gritting, so I was looking forward to the final result! We had Paul Edmonds’ stellar team on makeup and the man himself doing our hair. They were the same people who worked with us throughout the filming for the show so I knew I was going to be in good hands. My makeup artist was fab! I had dark smokey eyes with purple lips. I loved it! My hair was super straight and sleek. They did an incredible job and once again I’m feeling very grateful and lucky to have had such an awesome squad working with me and helping us girls look our best.

Before styling we were allowed to go back to our rooms where we would be spending the night. I was sharing my room with Abby which of course I was over the moon about. Our hotel room was gorgeous! We had some chill time and kept laughing about how it’s the first time we’ve seen each other in months and all we’ve done is look at our phones!! But to be fair our social media was BLOWING UP!! Oooooooh exciting!


I was fortuate enough to be styled by the INCREDIBLE Fiona Parkhouse and wear a brand I have always loved – Dorothy Perkins! We all looked phenomenal and it felt very real now!

We arrived at the venue and it was surreal. All of this was for US!!! We had a dress rehearsal which was really fun but I wont say too much as don’t want to give it away……
We then had individual press photos and it’s safe to say I felt like a real celeb! Cameras were flashing everywhere! After that we had a photo call with the ultra GLAM judges – I was just as neverous seeing them now as I was during the competition! Why do they do that to me!!


The premier has offically begun!!!
Check out our crazy grand entrance in the video below. I’m going to do a separate post about Episode One later. So watch this space and thanks for reading x

#TeamEleanor x

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