BNTM Episode Three – Makeover Week

WELL…WELL …WELL… What an episode that was and truuuust me I’ve got a lot to say on it!

It’s makeover week! As a viewer this has always been my favourite episode of BNTM.. as a contestant not so much! We went to Paul Edmond’s salon where we were joined by Abbey Clancey and Paul Scolfer. Abbey told us that this makeover would be blind (oh great), which meant no mirrors until it was complete! She went on to say “there’s going to be colour..extentions..and for one of us it’s all coming off!” I remember not being too worried at this point, the judges had already told me how beautiful my hair was, so I thought I’d just be getting a bit of a trim and perhaps a new colour! When I looked around at the other girls I could see everyone was feeling apprehensive. Chloe, poor thing, was absolutely petrified, she was crying before she’d even had the makeover and Victoria didn’t want any colour on her hair as she’d never had this done before. I had a feeling they were going to dye it very very red and they did, but Oh my goodness she looked INCREDIBLE – like Merida from the Disney movie Brave.

I sat in the salon chair and Paul Scolfer told me I had too much of a ‘girl next door’ look and explained I needed to be more edgy. I felt sick. It all happened very quickly after that and before I knew it my hair was CHOPPED off. It’s easy to say “it’s just hair” but it was the worst thing ever at the time. Imagine something you’re so used to being totally changed and having no control over the process! One good thing though was all our locks would be going to the charity the Little Princess Trust.

Here are my before and after shots below:

Next up was the challenge. Our ‘Model Mail’ told us it was going to be a go-see (casting). I wasn’t confident with this at all. After the whole Fash Fest disaster with my wonky shoulder I had lost all confidence in my walk. We were taken through London and arrived at the river Thames where we boarded a boat. I suffer from  really bad sea sickness so I began to feel even worse…walking in heels, on a boat that was rocking from side to side…what could be worse! On a plus side the dresses were absolutely beautiful – I felt like a princess! As the challenge progressed I really thought Bianca was going to win, as they seemed to really love her. Watching it back I thought Simone looked SO stunning and really fierce. However, Liv was chosen in the end and I was pleased for her as it shows how much she’d improved from Fash Fest and she looked fab!


I can remember coming back to the house and Alannah saying, “We all need to be more honest with each other.” I said to Abby, “Why though? We’re not the judges, our opinions about each other literally mean nothing in this competition!” Personally, I would much prefer the girls to keep quiet if they hated my photo, rather than make me feel worse about it!  Chloe hadn’t been feeling well on the boat all day. Abs and I had been the ones looking after her, getting her water and offering paracetamol. In the second episode I had also picked Chloe to come for drinks when I won the challenge, so the whole drama which followed when we got back to the house really came as a shock to me! I know Chloe was very insecure about her hair and I guess she wanted someone to take it out on and sometimes it’s your friends who feel your anger. Watching the show back I was surprised to see Bianca (one of my closest friends from the show) tell Chloe that I said I didn’t like her hair. It was a crazy, intense situation and B must of misheard/ misinterpreted what I had really said and was put in a difficult situation when Chloe asked her. I would have HATED having Chloe’s hairstyle myself, there is no way I would have suited it.

Chloe literally went crazy at me in the kitchen. It was the weirdest situation ever and something that has never happened to me. I remember feeling she was trying to put on this big dramatic act  – I was shocked! I said to her “this is nuts” and she said “YOU CALLING ME NUTS?!” This is what I mean by things getting twisted so so quickly.

 Watching the episode back I can’t remember why Talulah-Eve was involved in the argument as it was not her concern at all. I have to say that whole night seems like a blur to me now but hey, we all love a bit of drama don’t we? The worst thing was Talulah just wouldn’t let it go and went on and on and on, which is why I eventually got upset. Normally in an argument you can leave the situation, not talk to the person or cry to your boyfriend and everything will be fine…I HAD TO SHARE A ROOM WITH TALULAH THAT NIGHT!!!! What a day, everything seemed to be spoiled which was such a shame.

Photoshoot at Heaver castle.

We were told we would be shooting for Garnier which was crazy exciting!! They are such a huge iconic brand, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. My group was Bianca, Talulah-Eve and Alannah. After last night you can guess I wasn’t thrilled but at the end of the day I was there to do a job and keep it professional. To my surprise I had a fab time shooting and it was a pity my photo wasn’t my best. I remember seeing it and feeling so disappointed. Thankfully I was saved by the judges at elimination and you’ll have to wait and see if I manage to up my game next week!


We went back to the house after the elimination and I was sad to return there without my bestie Abby as she was in the bottom 3 and had to wait behind for the judgement. However, I was so so confident she’d be coming back I even started cooking us some dinner!!
It was one of my worse moments in Top Model when she didn’t walk through the door. You think to yourself it’s a competition, you should be pleased every time someone goes as long as it’s not you…that’s so not the case! I was gutted.

Next week is going to be another good one and I can’t wait! Thanks for reading.

Eleanor S #teameleanor x

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