BNTM Episode Four

Where does the time go

I can’t believe we are on BNTM Episode Four already, which means I’ve been on telly for a whole month…I really wish the time would stop going so quickly! What an episode though, I never thought I’d see the day when BNTM is compared to Geordie Shore…well done girls hahaha!

First up – the Colgate challenge

We were told we would be doing a screen test and learning a scrpt for a new Colgate advert. The winner would feature on a professional Colgate campaign which would be seen in the shops. Out of all the callenges so far this was easily the best prize. Oh goodness – as you can imagine we all wanted to win, the pressure was on and the gloves were off!! First though – nightmare – we all had to remove our makeup…. Forget makeover week, having my hair chopped off and being on TV with a wonky shoulder – NO MAKE UP WAS WAY SCARIER 😉

I can remember Abbey Clancy telling us to “expect the unexpected” and that during the screen test there would be a “surprise”. Me, being me and over-thinking things as usual, thought that must mean spiders or ice cold water on my head (OK, I’m not sure why I suddenly thought I was on ‘I’m a Celeb’)

Then I thought …. No that’s not gunna happen… they are going to bring my dog Miss Boo onto set to test our reactions! (Admittedly I hadn’t had much sleep) I remember telling the other girls this and being shocked when their eyes glazed over and I heard them say ‘how would that be a surprise for us.’ They clearly don’t  know how fabulous Miss Boo is! (and I’m not joking)

I had learnt my script and was feeling confident, I really really wanted to win this. It was my turn. I was escorted down the corridor to where the filming was taking place and I stood in the middle of a big white room with two smartly dressed representatives from Colgate. Abbey Clancy, looking ultra glamorous as usual, stood behind them. Suddenly I had never felt as much pressure in my life, my heart was pounding so hard I was sure the reps could hear it. But OMG the first time round was amazing. I read everything off the massive auto cue in front of me and wondered why on earth I had even bothered to learn the script. I even threw in a couple of moves with the tooth brush, I was on fire! The Reps seemed super happy with me and asked me to do it again for real. No problemo I thought to myself… Half way through the second take the auto cue just went black and my mind went blank. All I could see was the reflection of me in the camera going to pieces – great. At that point if someone had asked me my name I wouldn’t have been able to tell them, I had completely switched off. I was a blubbering wreck hoping someone would help me (where was Paul when I needed him hahaha) but no one did, so I took a couple of deep breaths and just went for it and in the end I got through it. I said a quiet ‘Thank you’ and went into the back room where the other girls who had done their auditions, were waiting – guess what?…. I cried my eyes out…….again….. oooohhhhh! Talulah Bluebell won the challenge, her Brit School training shone through. She was fabulous and thoroughly deserved it. Later we got to watch her photoshoot for Colgate. She looked beautiful and I know we were all thinking this could be us in a years time. You go girl!!

Party Time

That evening was one of my favourites in the BNTM apartment. We threw a mini party and it was WILD. We had shots, shots and more shots! For that one night we forgot we were in a competition and being filmed. Although we weren’t allowed to listen to music, which as you can imagine was a little odd at first, we let our hair down, danced and all had the best of times. Talulah and Jennifer? – no one knows. I am afraid your intrepid reporter has no further information on that one!


DIY photoshoot.

With a sore head (I promised myself no more drinking after that) we were taken to DSRKT nightclub! Those cars they drive us around in are great aren’t they. We were put into pairs and I was really pleased to be teamed up with with Alannah. We were then given a couple of racks of clothes to look through and had to decide on our image for the shoot. A lot of the girls went for the glamourous dresses but Alannah and I decided we needed to stand out. We would be ROCKSTARS!! In the past Alannah had been told she was too sexy and I had always been the girl next door, this time we were going to be different, we were going to SHOCK. No way were we blending in! The shoot went sooooooo well and we absolutely smashed it! We could actually direct Nicky Johnston, not many people get the chance to do that, and he was brilliant – we were hair flicking, trying crazy poses and having so much fun. I wish I could do it all again as it was easily my favourite shoot.


Although my Colgate challenge wasn’t the best, after the DIY shoot I was, for once, feeling a little bit more confident about this week’s elimination. Of course that was only until I stood before the judges when I can honestly say wanted to cry (again…. nooooo!) The four of them really do hold your dreams in their hands. It’s impossible to to say how it feels standing exposed on that platform waiting and hoping to hear your name. On the TV there is always a dramatic, music filled, pause between each name being announced but it actually happens like this in the studio and we wait for our names shaking in silence. Of course I think some judges do take an extra extra long time to say our names, I am saying nothing but I’m looking at you Hilary hahaha! I was really sad to see Victoria go this week, you always know someone is about to be eliminated but it’s always a shock when they don’t walk through that door. Suddenly someone you have been with 24/7 is missing and the dynamics immediately change.  I was of course over the moon that I was through to another week, it’s honestly the best feeling in the world and watching the judges feedback on TV was also amazing  as I got such fantastic comments.  I am well and truly back in the game…. Yeeeaaah!!

Next Week

Uh Oh…who saw the trailer for next week?! I don’t look very happy do I, and I’ve got a shock to tell the girls…I’ve already had about 4 million messages asking what it is. Guys I had to keep it a secret that I was even on the show for four months, have you any idea how hard that was, so there is no way I’m going to give it a way and spoil the surprise …… however chocolates, caribbean holiday, Ferrari…well maybe – only joking but you are not going to want to miss this one though.

Thanks for reading – Until next time

Eleanor S #teameleanor x



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