BNTM Episode Eight

BNTM Episode Eight - Cape Verde - OMG didn't it look spectacular.

The girls arrived and were greeted by the Hotel managers and a horde of fire dancers, jugglers and acrobats - what an entrance. They were then told they were to be VIP guests and were going to be staying in a special villa with jacuzzi, swimming pool and private veranda but actually sod all that let's get the best bedroom hahaha - Simone and Alannah are my girls thinking ahead - poor Tallulah will have to get her act together, she was in a room by herself - maybe that added to the later argument?

The next day was spent relaxing and Cape Verde really does look lovely and those Jet Skis, WOW. This summer I'm definitely going to try one. Model Mail soon brought  everyone back to the reality of the competition and the hint of dancing mixed with a runaway show didn't please everyone, Tallulah and Liv looked especially worried.

Poolside Runway Show

The girls were sent to practice Kizomba, a dance which originated in cape Verde. I've done my homework and looked on Wikipedia and it says Kizomba is characterised by a slower, romantic, sensuous rhythm - if I am being honest I didn't like it!! Poor Liz had to learn how to do the dance in the highest of heels, on uneven wooden planks, with gaps down the middle and she was then paired with the shortest dancer - it seemed crazy - I could just imagine myself in that position it must have felt horrible.

But you can't stop the clock ticking and everything moved on relentlessly to the runway show around the pool. You need a thick skin to be on BNTM. For instance, parading around the pool, in front of holiday-makers, probably just wanting to chill out, isn't everyones ides of fun. Then to top it all, how about dance a bit of Kizomba in your bikini, with a total stranger, well it's tough isn't it - Simone, Jennifer and Alannah nailed it, they all have great walks. Liz and Tallulah struggled.

The overal winder of the show was Alannah who did look stunning. Paul later said the audience never took their eyes off her - which of course is what you want if you are selling a product. She won a shopping spree at the boutique.

Glitter Lips

On the way back to the apartment a huge row erupted between Jennifer and Tallulah over - wait for it - glittery lip stick - I will have to get some inside information on this, but reading between the lines, I think they had both been complaining about the lipstick throughout the day because they kept swallowing it, but then when Jennifer said on the way back she wasn't actually that bothered, Tallulah let fly.


I think Liv called to right though and it wasn't really about the lipstick, something had been brewing for a while. I felt really sorry for Talullah, when later on she said she felt so alone and as she put it, 'deprived of contact with the people you love'. I wasn't in the competition for that long but I know exactly what she means - you have no phones, no TV, no radio, no music and you can't speak to friends or family at all - I guess while you're in England friends are at least still close to you but going abroad makes everyone even further away.

It was nice to see Jennifer and Tallulah make up - a hug can cure most things x 🙂

Simple Photo Shoot

Next day it was a photo shoot for Simple - a really big brand.

Tallulah was first up and she pulled it out of the bag, what a great shot, she set the bar really high. However, Jennifer was ready for the challenge and had an equally good photograph. The clients actually said they would book her professionally for a new advert. Simone had a disaster, she just lost it and the more the clients said enjoy yourself the worse she got - it was like saying don't think of a red ball - She just couldn't find the right pose. Alannah and Liv worked together and were their usual professional selves. Liv took a little longer to get into it but the end result was great.


The next day was elimination - Once again each girl was critiqued individually. First up was Jennifer - her Simple picture was described by the judges as mesmerising, happy and just what the clients wanted - she had evolved during the show and was now fully aware of what she could do with her body and the angles to use.  The judges were obviously very pleased with her. Then it was Tallulah - I love here phrases, this time she said Cape Verde was 'hard core luxury'. I'm going to use that one myself. Her Simple picture was stunning and she was the clients joint favourite. However, when it came to her poolside walk the judges pulled her to pieces and said she looked like a drunken soldier - a bit harsh, but I'm sure she won't mind me saying it did look funny when they played the walk in slow motion - it really wasn't that bad at full speed!! Simone had the opposite criticism, her walk was amazing but her picture really let her down and the clients felt disconnected to her. Alannah was good all round, great picture and great walk - say no more. Liv had the same trouble as Tallulah - she just couldn't get her walk right. Her picure came in for a little criticism as well, although Abby thought it was good.

In the end Jennifer won the best picture and the bottom two were Simone and Tallulah - I couldn't call it, one had a great walk, the other a great picture, but it was Tallulah who won through. I thought Simone was so gracious in defeat, it was absolute class. She's made herself loads of new friends by her attitude.

It's getting exciting now, four girls left, who's it going to be? Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading

Eleanor S xxx

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