BNTM Episode One

What an INCREDIBLE first episode of Britains Next Top Model. I think I felt every emotion possible in the space of an hour and half! I laughed, I cried, I cringed and I was so so relived when it was over!

I was fortunate enough to be given a lot of air time…..maybe not for all the right reasons *cough* Frankenstein *cough* but I’ll get back to that!

I was also the first girl to be shown auditioning! It was CRAZY watching that back as it’s ages ago since I did my tape and I really didn’t think I had a chance in hell to make it. I couldn’t remember what I’d even said in my audition! I have to admit I loved watching it back though, and I enjoyed seeing the other girls auditions too as it showed a different side to a lot of them. They all came across really well but my personal favourite was Tallulah Bluebell, I love her wacky personality and she is just so charismatic.

Cosmopolitan – Fash Fest (uh oh)

God I remember this day so well. I hated it and I really hate myself for hating it because as I look back it was the most incredible experience and something I have always dreamed of …… but at the time OMG HELP. When  the judges told me I had a wonky shoulder my confidence just disappeared completely. I honestly wanted to go home!! Thank goodness I pulled myself together and now of course I’m so grateful that they pointed it out as I’d NEVER noticed before. Since then I have been working on straightening myself up. As Alannah put it ‘no one wants to see a girl on stage with a wonky shoulder’ true but OUCH!! There was a little compensation of course when the gorgeous Paul Schulfer   came over to level out my shoulders…OH GOODNESS…yep I was even more nervous than before but for different reasons! When it was time for the show I was a wreck and as I walked onto the stage my legs turned to jelly and I had no absolutely no control at all over how much I was shaking! I wanted this SO badly and I was mad at myself for letting  my nerves get the better of me. I’ve never been a nervous person in my life, it just showed how much I wanted to do well in the competition and achieve my dreams!

Promo shots with Nicky Johnston!


Happy 19th Birthday to meeeee!! What an amazing birthday, I bet there aren’t many  19 year-olds who can say they spent their special day meeting the stunning Abbey Clancy (she is so beautiful she can’t be human!!) and being photographed by the uber talented Nicky Johnston! I loved getting glammed and I felt the shoot went really well!

As you can see from the TV show we lived in the most amazing apartment and it was the coolest thing I’ve ever laid eyes upon! There will be lots more to see in future episodes.

Next up was elimination, it was so weird hearing the judges opinions as we’d never heard what they thought of our promo photos! I was really pleased with my comments but did they REALLY have to show my wonky walk again?! It’s funny and cringey to watch now and I don’t know how I didn’t notice before but at the time it was horrible. I can remember feeling I was definitely in the bottom three and looked doomed to be going home, so it was the best feeling in the world when we saw our group photo on screen and heard we’d all got through!!


Next week is going to be a great episode, not only do we shoot for Patiserie de Bain but we also do a challenge with two massive idols of mine Ferne Mccan and Sarah Ashcroft!

Thanks for reading – Episode two coming up soon x



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