BNTM Episode Seven

BNTM Episode Seven - well here we are back again - sorry this is a little late, I've been busy, more news on that one soon, there maybe a surprise or two for you. This episode started the way the previous one had ended, with Simone and Alannah upset because of Bianca's departure. Tallulah said she was 'flattered' to be kept in the competition, which I actually thought was a nice thing to say, but Simone took it the wrong way and had a go at her - I guess when she watches the show back she will realise it was uncalled for, but that apartment makes you do very funny things.

Anyway, as I have said before, you get no sleep in the apartment, so to be woken by what sounded like a fire alarm and then confronted by Model Mail was a real life nightmare. Those poor girls must have been exhausted.

They were taken to Gods Own Junkyard in Walthamstow which, incidentally, was where my dad was born! (not in the junkyard though!!) and told they were going to do a shoot for Sleek makeup

 I love Sleek, ohhhhh why couldn't it have been me lol.

There were no judges to mentor the girls this time, so it was up to them to interpreted the brief themselves and the prize for the best photograph was going to be an international shoot for Sleek. Bear in mind they had had no sleep at all, how they managed to be so positive and full of energy I will never know - I say they and then of course there was Tallulah, who was on another level - She said she drank lots of coffee, perhaps that's where I'm going wrong. I don't drink coffee, but if it would make me bounce around and be so alive in the middle of the night like Tallulah, then pour me a BIG CUP NOW.

I have to say I thought all the photos were absolutely amazing. The make-up was stunning and the photographer just seemed to be able to get the best from everyone.

My one liner thoughts are - 

Liv - stunning picture she looked absolutely amazing, how does she keep pulling it out of the bag. Jennifer - didn't feel comfortable on the silver ball but recovered well for a great shot in the end. Alannah - got put off by the 'sexy' word but she shouldn't have done, her picture was brilliant - those eyes !! Tallulah - a brilliant picture and the clients loved her, which is so important. Simone - had trouble finding a position on the ball and the judges were not keen on her picture. Chloe - started really well and actually nailed the picture in her very first shot but couldn't find another one as good.

The girls returned to the apartment and were feeling pretty tired after the all night shoot. It was great to see Simone apologise to Tallulah, I'm sure she has doubled the number of her supporters by doing that and it was a big thing to do - good on her. Food arrived and hidden between the cartons of Chinese, was a tablet containing Model Mail. The clues suggested the next task was going to be an underwater shoot. It was and the following day the girls were taken to a huge underwater studio where they would be photographed for Fiji Water.


The picture of Chloe and the Giphy shows the size of the water tank and what a difficult shoot this was going to be. I used to do a lot of swimming and got Essex qualifying times when I was younger, but even with that experience I wouldn't have liked to do this one.

My one liner thoughts for the girls - Chloe went first - she is really determined and it just shows how hard this shoot was - she finished with a dreamy picture though. Simone - really threw herself into it and was amazing. I don't think her picture justified the work she put in - there must have been another!! Tallulah - once again she went for it, but was a little bit disappointed with her final picture I think. Jennifer - had been knocked over by a wave when she was little and this had left her with a fear of water. She had real trouble even putting her head under, but she didn't give up and did it in the end, a real credit to her. Alannah - was amazing - she was a mermaid twisting and turning. I thought her photo was incredible although the judges seemed less impressed. Liv - just couldn't settle and find a position - which is so unlike her. She was very upset at the end.

The girls returned to the house and a final Model Mail arrived. This one was pretty cruel, no one was going to be immune and it just showed five plane tickets. Let me see now, how many girls are left - SIX. I can't imagine how they felt, it must have been awful going to sleep that night knowing that the next day one of them would be left behind while the others went off on an exotic holiday - horrible!!



Elimnation was different this time as there was no immunity. Each girl was critiqued individually by the judges and then they had to say why they thought they should remain in the show. I would have found that really hard to do, with all the emotion rushing through my veins. It was such a job to call it - some girls had amazing Sleek shots and then others were better underwater - in the end it was Chloe who left - I'm not a sportswoman but I've been told it must be like losing in a semi final, so close and yet so far and the worst round to go out in - best wishes to Chloe for the future though xxx

More next week from the beautiful island of Cape Verde where it looks like best friends Tallulah and Jennifer become ex best friends lol.

Thanks for reading. 

Eleanor S xxx


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