Bntm Episode six

BNTM Episode Six – What a start to that one!!

I don’t know what knickergate was all about but it was certainly entertaining hahaha  🙂

Poor Tallulah, it sounds really silly now and even she said she knew how ridiculous it was as she was saying it, but when you are in the apartment, you are all on top of one another and the tiniest things just get out of all proportion. You can also hear exactly what everyone else is saying – you might think that’s a good thing but honestly, sometimes you just don’t want to hear and what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you. When I was there we were allowed to wash essential things but were expected to have enough outfits to last us, so I really don’t know what happened. I thought Chloe was a bit harsh, but again when you are in that situation everything is crazy.


Next up was Dorothy Perkins in Bluewater – a shop I have been to many times !! It was nice to see Chloe Keenan the winner from Cycle Ten – I wonder who will be her replacement from this Cycle (not me grrrr!!!)

The girls were given cards telling them what style outfit they had to create and then they had 15 minutes to find the the appropriate clothes. I didn’t fancy Alannah’s ‘casual denim’ I don’t know what I would have done for that, I would have prefered a ‘girls night out’ I think.

In the end Jenifer won with her 9 to 5 look and I was really pleased, as there have been a couple of challenges where the judges have said she was really good but she has just been pipped to first place. She won £250 plus immunity wooohoooo – she also showed some pretty cool moves at the end as well, I’m not going clubbing with her!!

Next day the girls were woken up really early by Abbie Clancy. You might think what’s all the fuss about, what a bunch of wimps, but you get so little sleep in the apartment and of course you want to look your best in front of the head judge.

They were taken to the local park for a work out. It looked like fun and was just what the girls needed to clear the air – I would have been hopeless – I can’t run and get tired turning the telly on, so I think me and Chloe would have been propping each other up.

Tallulah then apologised when they got home for getting her knickers in a twist which was really big of her – I love Tallulah.

Model Mail arrived and Simone, the clever clogs, guessed it was going to be something to do with watches and it was.

It was a shoot for Daisy Dixon watches – have a look on the website

They are lovely watches – I want one – hint hint 🙂 You will also see the pictures from the shoot on the site too – wish I’d been there.

The girls had to model with 3 hot guys and after being cooped up in that apartment, it was almost too much for some of them !!!


There were some great shots. I particularly liked Simone’s, Chloe pulled it out of the bag despite feeling unwell and Alannah nailed it and was able to tone down the sexiness of her outfit. Poor Bianca looked uncomfortable, it just wasn’t her week, as her outfit for Dorothy Perkins had met some criticism as well.

Allanah won the challenge and she and Jennifer chose Liv and Simone to do a catwalk show that evening. It looked awesome, loads of celebs where there including Charlotte Crosby and the girls from BNTM Cycle 10. It was crazy back stage and you could tell the girls were really buzzing. Alannah and Jennifer both said they would love to do that for the rest of their lives – I know what they mean.


After all that excitement it’s hard to come back down to earth again – but elimination does that with a VERY big bump. Jennifer had immunity and Chloe got best picture, so who was going to go this time. Liv, Bianca and Tallualh were in the bottom three – it was actually nice watching the program and not having that horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach as I remembered what it felt like when I was there. I suppose Tallulah was favourite to be eliminated because she had been in the bottom three before, but Abbie had really liked her picture. In the end it was Bianca, who had just had one of those weeks – we all agreed with Paul who said she had fantastic potential and if her current assignments are anything to go by, I reckon we will be seeing a lot more of her.

Underwater shoot next week and it doesn’t look like Alannah and Simone were too pleased with this weeks result so I reckon there could be a teeny bit more friction !!


Thanks for reading

Eleanor S x

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