BNTM Episode Two

I always knew that Episode Two would be a strong episode for me and it did not disappoint!

The show started with us coming back to the house after we had all been saved by the judges. However, that feeling of relief and happiness didn’t last very long as we received ‘Model Mail’ that evening! I knew I was one of the weaker girls after the first episode and it was time to really pull something out the bag. I needed to have a good week or I’d be going home!

First Challenge

We left the apartment and were greeted by an enormous, old-fashioned, double decker, London bus. It was incredible. I remember a lot of the girls hadn’t been to the capital before so it was amazing to watch their faces as we passed all the famous landmarks and of course we had the added bonus of eating delicious macaroons at the same time!!! We were then told by the lovely Paul Scolfer that we would be shooting for a brand I’ve been obsessed with for a long time – Patisserie De Bain! This was a REAL modelling job, for a REAL brand, for a REAL campaign – the pressure was most definitely ON!

I was one of the last girls to shoot and I was getting more and more nervous because the other girls came back looking upset and saying how awful it was! What on earth was going on up there!! My time finally arrived and I couldn’t believe it – it went REALLY well. The client was pleased and so was Paul, what more could I ask for! I remember Paul smiling at me and saying “that was really really good!” I was over the moon and came off set with the adrenaline buzzing through my body. I hated showing how happy I was as my two best friends in the competition, Abby and Chloe, were gutted with their shots. But I just couldn’t keep it in. Anyway here is my campaign photo!

Second Challenge

Next up was the Social Media Challenge. I was even more nervous for this than I was for the photoshoot! We were left waiting outside a school for ages and all of us were convinced we’d be doing a talk in front of a group of school children, which wouldn’t be my forte. I could barely speak I was so anxious! But we then moved down the road and went into this super trendy cafe and I soon realised this task was nothing to do with a school, THANK GOODNESS!!

Once through the door I couldn’t believe my eyes FERNE McCANN and SARAH ASHCROFT were standing in front of me!! I have followed Sarah for years and I actually looked through her blog before I went into the show to get some great outfits! She has always been a massive role model of mine and I love watching her on Youtube and Snapchat. She is the number one social media queen as far as I’m concerned! I’ve also  watched TOWIE for years and have been a massive fan of Ferne McCaan! I love her straight talking attitude and I knew she wouldn’t hold back telling us girls exactly what she thought during this challenge! (GULP!) I still can’t believe I met them ahhh! You can see my reaction in the GIFs below- talk about starstruck!!

We had to describe what was in a bag but we had no idea what was going to be put in it before each of our turns. It was great seeing how the other girls went about the task everyone was different. I had decided to take it seriously and not joke too much about the items. I went third and at the time felt I was at a disadvantage, as the girls that went after me had longer to think about what they were going to say and copy  ideas! Now I look back I’m so pleased I went earlier rather than later, because me being me, would have definitly overthought things, got nervous and messed up!! When we watched Talulah Eve put the wasabi in her mouth (TV GOLD) we all jumped out our seats to try stop her, as we knew how hot it would be – too late though and she had us all crying with laughter!

I WON THE CHALLEGE!!!! I really didn’t think I was going to (and I’m not just saying that!) But the most important thing was winning meant I won immunity – it doesn’t get much better than that does it!

You can watch my full youtube video below!

As I the winner of the challenge I was allowed to pick two other girls to go out for cocktails with me! Of course I chose Abby and Chloe. It was horrible seeing Liv upset on TV and I was  surprised to see her like this as she didn’t say anything to me at the time and I had no idea she felt that way. I was shocked! I’d been the closest to Chloe and Ab since the beginning of the show, whereas I’d only just started getting to know Liv. It’s a shame she felt like that, I could only pick two and I honestly would never mean to upset her as she’s a lovely lovely girl! Sorry Liv, I’ll buy you a drink next time I see you 😉

We had the best time drinking the poshest cocktails I’ve ever seen! We had them all specially made for us based on our favourite flavours. They were incredible and we felt like the luckiest three girls alive!

Elimination Time

I never, in a million years, thought I would be at elimination and not be nervous but I had my immunity and it was fabulous! I was really relaxed but as soon as I stood in front of the judges I started to overthink things again and convinced myself there might still be a secrect twist where I’d be going home – you just never know! I was also nervous for the other girls as someone’s dreams were about to be crushed. It wasn’t a nice atmosphere!

Anastasia was the first girl to go. Although I thought she was crazy when I first met her and she put that makeup all over her face, I’ve learnt not to judge people so quickly! She’s honestly such a kind and caring girl, who is currently doing some amazing shoots, so I know she’s going to smash it! Good Luck Anastasia/ Jupiter/ Stacey!

Next week is every Top Model fan’s favourite episode… MAKEOVER WEEK!! And there is drama, drama, drama and ………. more drama!!

Hope you all enjoyed this episode as much as I did! – thanks for reading

Eleanor S    #teameleanor x

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