BNTM The Final Episode

BNTM the final episode - So this is it, ten weeks gone by in a blink of an eye and just three girls remaining, who's it gonna be, I just couldn't call it.

The show began with a look back over the series, it was great to see all the girls again and some of the most memorable shoots. Seeing me telling everyone I had to leave the show because of my eyes brought that horrible memory flooding back. Oh what a day that was!

Alannah then described perfectly what it's like on elimination day - your heart is beating so hard and fast, you're shaking and praying they call someone else's name and then when they do, you feel sorry for the other girl but inside you just want to dance and sing.

So who was going to win - Alannah thinks Jennifer, Olivia thinks Alannah and Jennifer thinks Olivia - so no help there then!!

First of all the girls met the judges individually - it was a bit like the Apprentice!! I was surprised to hear Alannah had been bullied at school before going to drama school - I was lucky myself and went to Stagecoach for a few years, it's pricey but if your parents can afford it, it really helps with your confidence.

Model Mail arrived and heralded the dreaded nude shoot. I know I put on my original bio for BNTM that I didn't mind posing naked - but hey that was just to get people talking (what an idiot I was) I've had a few pervy offers since then!!

You have to be be brave to do it, no amazing dresses to work with - hats off to the girls (literally hahaha), they all looked so confident.

They were taken to a secluded beach at sunset and you could tell all three were extremely nervous.

First up was Jennifer, she said she didn't know what to do and and felt rushed and confused as everyone was offering help and advice at the same time. Alannah was next, imagine sitting there starkers and being told your ribs stick out - horrible. Finally Liv was asked to focus more, the other two felt she was given more time and they looked a bit cross!!


All three said the shoot just flew by and they really didn't have time to think about not having any clothes on. That done and out of the way, they left the beach to relax and enjoy themselves only to be called back for a chat with the judges. To their (and my) amazement, one was to be eliminated. That must have been so hard, to be within touching distance - so so close - my heart was racing let alone theirs and then very quickly Jennifer and Liv's names were called and Alannah was going home. She was one of the early favourites to win I think, and I can see from Instagram she is already getting loads of  engagements, so we will seeing lots more from Alannah.

And so it was the final - Jennifer and Liv - I reckon the judges got it right in the end, much as I love the other girls as well - I think these two in particular have grown in confidence over the weeks and the difference in their first and final photos is stunning.

The last test was going to be a catwalk and I guess straight away the good money was on Jen to win, her walk is always really strong. They met top designer Savannah Miller who talked them through the planed show and then they had a short practice.

That evening the party looked amazing - the production team certainly hadn't held back with the expense. It was so exciting with the quick changes, the costumes, the music, the audience and of course the judges. I was amazed, Liv was incredible, my dad always says if you want to be natural and appear spontaneous you have to practice practice practice, that's what Liv must have been doing - when I think back to our first show at Fashion Fest with me and my wonky shoulder, Liv was almost as bad!! And now here she was, graceful and floating, taking the judges breath away.

I don't know if Jennifer saw Liv's performance and was put off but she seemed to rush things a bit and when the hem of her dress dragged in the water her usual confidence disappeared. Then it was all over, nothing more could be done, it was in the judges hands, you could see that both girls were buzzing with excitement, what a night. By the way did you notice Simone, Tallulah and Alannah watching, so they hadn't been sent home lucky things!!

I'm glad the judges said they would be taking into account the whole body of work from the last ten weeks - The choice was between consistent Jennifer who always came up with a good photo or Liv who could do something spectacular but then lacked focus at other times.

The girls were told the winner's photo would appear on a screen in 10 seconds - goodness, that must have been the longest 10 seconds of their lives. Liv's picture appeared and she promptly burst into tears - I am sure we'd all have done that.

So that's it, Liv is Britain's Next Top Model - I wonder what it will be like for her - She is certainly sorted for the year with a contract with Model One and loads of other bits and bobs - I think Jennifer summed things up when she said BNTM was like a 'boot camp for life' and I can understand what she meant.

I've really enjoyed watching the show each week and sharing my thoughts - don't know what I'm going to do now - but I will think of something!!

The next series of BNTM begins in the Autumn and I will have some news about that in the next couple of months, so please keep reading.

Best wishes to Jennifer who came so close and to Liv, who is an undoubted star, this is just the start.

And actually, if you think about it, today is just the start for all of of us - if you've got a dream go for it NOW


Eleanor S xx

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